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Monday, 25 October 2010

What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

I have had a lingering chesty cold for some time now, I believe it's been over two weeks now and the cough seems to be getting better, and yet worse at the same time.

It has the ring of something that wants to become a chest infection, so I've decided to take some precautionary antibiotics. This means I can't drink a dingle drop of booze and so I'm envious of the drunked sailor, even if he does have to stay in the long boat until he's sober.

I am taking this measure because I don't want to be ill for my weekend which will be spend in VENICE! Plus coughing so hard that you vomit isn't fun. And it's annoying. And painful. So yeah, if it doesn't shift I may actually have to pay to see a doctor. No fair :(

So my dears, wish me luck in shifting this darn cough so I can fully enjoy my long weekend in Venice.

Oh and wish my beloved bf a Happy Birthday this time next week. He's hitting the big 25 and isn't happy about it, bless him ;)

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