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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Life is busy. And cold!

I have been mostly absent from the internet world for such a long time now I've forgotten what I've actually been doing instead of updating here.

  • I can tell you that I've have a blasted cough for nearly three months now, but only just got a doctor, so am planning on getting checked out soon... ish. Oh and I've had two icky viral/bacterial infections in the past month alone. BOO!
  • I can also tell you that I've had a string of really late nights, mostly because of parent and staff meetings at work. This inevitably led to a 12.5 hour marathon of sleep on Friday night, which also led to a FANTASTICALLY great mood yesterday and found me ironing for several hours while singing and dancing along to my iPod.
  • Our floor shall be finished TODAY and when it's done I will show you pictures as promised ;)
  • I've been walking to and from all train stations since my poor bike was stolen back at the beginning of the month. This seems to have helped in the weightloss department and I'm now more than half way to my goal (42lbs down people :D )
  • My beloved mother is coming to visit for the few days I have off work, from Friday until the following wednesday, which is my birthday.
  • I'm not looking forward to being 26.
  • It's started to snow. This is ok from the point of view that I bought a cheap, yet functional waterproof winter coat on wednesday, but not ok from the point of view that it's already started to screw with the trains :(
When you combine my busy DIY weekend schedule, my constant illness, my lack of sleep, the extended working hours and overall cold and tiredness, I'm hoping you can understand and forgive my general lack of presence and activity both here and in letter form.

We're hoping to get most of our 'flat stuff' finished today, which should be a welcomed load off my shoulders and will hopefully induce better and longer sleep, so I can get more done on my commute :)

I'm SO looking forward to my 5 days off work, you have no idea ;)

I hope you're enjoying a great weekend my lovelies! xx


  1. Sorry to hear about someone stealing your bike. :( But 42 pounds, wow!

    26 isn't so bad. Given the chance, I'd go back to 26 in a heart beat. Wait until you hit 32. Eeek!

    I received your postcard a few weeks ago, thank you. I'm sending out my overseas holiday cards this week, so you should be getting one soon. I'm throwing in a letter cause I've been up to lots and lots of new stuff. (What else is new?)

    Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  2. Yeah, it totally sucks :( It's 44lbs now ;)

    nah, I know 26 isn't so bad, but a year at a time and all of a sudden BAM time's just crept up on ya :(

    Sorry I've been so rubbish at sending letters recently, I've been feeling so ill all the time I've been working and sleeping mostly :( Forgive me!!

    And thank you for the bday wishes :) xx