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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Sunday evening.

I'm just about to indulge in my second Love Tea of the evening. Not exaclty high on the scale of indulgences for most, but I haven't enjoyed tea in a while and this is just scrummy.

Although I haven't done a huge amount this weekend, I don't feel rested, or accomplished. And quite frankly, Monday is arriving far too soon.

I did however have a lovely few hours on Friday enjoying drinks with the new guy at the bf's workplace and his gf who is crazy Italian, just the way I like 'em ;) You know you've made a good impression when someone you only met two hours ago invites you to come and spend a weekend at their place so you can see the city they live in for the first time. Which is some 140 miles away, somewhere we've never been to before and would love to visit, so y'know, that's pretty fabulous!

In exactly two weeks time I'll be getting ready to say farewell to Venezia. I'm so excited about this trip, you can't imagine! I've been going through the guidebook and me and the bf are going to plan some things for Friday evening and Saturday or Sunday daytime. I can hardly believe that I'm going to Venice :D

Also, the other big news is that the heating has finally been turned on in our building (as of the 15th) so we are no longer freezing our arses off the whole day!

Hopefully I'll have some more exciting house and possibly hair related news for you next week... as for now I've got to get some sleep. I have a ridiculously early wake up call for tomorrow :(


  1. Yay for heat! I had an apartment in which the thermostat was in another apartment in the house we shared. So I'd have to call down and ask them to turn my heat up every time it got chilly. Talk about ridiculous!

    Glad you're doing well. Did my letter ever turn up?

  2. Thermostat in another apartment?! That's crazy talk woman ;)

    Yes, yes, I got your letter and CD thank you :D it is in my 'needs reply' pile, but I have yet to listed to the cd, this is sadly because we can't seem to find the all important power cable for our pc and my netbook lacks a cd drive :( But it's so sweet of you to have sent it and I'm excited to hear some new music!! :D