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Saturday, 9 October 2010

What has changed in the land of fog?

Did you know the name Novara (aka where I live) is derived from some crazy Roman name (which I forget) which means the land surrounded by mist? I'm starting to see why.

I LOVE autumn, with a serious passion! I love misty evenings, the wonderful earthy smells and the colours of the leaves as they turn and fall.

I hate how the condo heating is not turned on until the 15th of October... as per the law. It's too damp outside for washing to dry and it's too cold inside for the washing to dry. What a nightmare!

Ok, I am very aware of how terribly dull this makes me seem... worried about washing of all things ;) So to make myself seem uber trendy, I'll tell you about how we tried a new cafe for breakfast, the cake was ok, the coffee was ok, but nothing special, so we went to our favourite 'Gambero Rosso' for another coffee to make up for it and then explored some hidden alleyways before getting some sushi for lunch.

Considering we've been home for over an hour, we really haven't gotten much done on our huge 'to-do' list for the weekend :( I can't wait to have all the furniture bought and placed and all the boxes to be emptied and put into the garage so I can start to share pics of our place with you all!

Hopefully by the end of the month that will have happened... but don't hold your breath ;)

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