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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Just me?

Is any one else out there addicted to bran based cereals?

I found a new one and I'm in love!

I go through phases with cereals, opting for super healthy ones and then sugar coated, chocolate laden rubbish. Right now I'm in the healthy phase. I picked these up at the supermarket a couple fo weeks ago because of
  1. The use of the word PREBIOTIC. I'm all for good tummy flora
  2. The inordinate amount of fiber. 45% rda in 40g of cereal!
  3. The huge amount of protein too.

Just look at that nutritional info! I'm two days into eating these and my tummy is happier. A little gassier while I balance it all out but much happier.

But seriously, what is with the taste of good, healthy cereal?

Bran flakes, taste like nothing. All bran, has the taste and texture of cardboard. Both of these cerals I like. But Cruscam has even less taste than these two divided by each other and the texture is more like a cardboard-polystyrene hybrid and I love it!

Yes, Cruscam, you are my new breakfast/snack/lazy dinner love. I think you are so great, you could even get me through progesterone induced pregnancy constipation. You ROCK!

- Disclaimer, no I'm not pregnant, but progesterone does funny enough things to my tummy during a normal cycle. I dread what it might do in pregnancy!

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