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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ok, I don't live in Milan BUT...

...this make me so happy.

Especially when the forecast for Novara is actually a little warmer and more sunny :D

I have to pick up some blood test results from the hospital today, so my boss kindly gave me the whole day off (it was either that or come into work for 3 hours and leave again). This means I am going to do a little food shopping and take a loooooooong bike ride out to the amazing "Aladdin's cave"* that is Shun Fa. It sells just about everything and is super cheap. Don't worry, I have a list and I'll be sticking to it. Kind of.

*Did you ever call shops like this an Aladdin's cave? It originated in our family from a shop in my Mum's home town. I used to love buying friendship bracelets from there, they were all kinds of neon goodness and were only 10p!

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