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Sunday, 26 February 2012

The Shape of my Weekend

Yesterday was a momentus occasion for me and two of my close friends. We all went to the cinema to watch a film in Italian for the first time!

It was fluff, trash, easy going and absolutely hilarious! We all loved the film and came out of the theatre feeling elated that we'd finally done it and understood everything almost perfectly. And as if that wasn't good enough, the spring weather had lasted into the evening and we were on cloud 9 pretty much the whole way to the Japanese restaurant where we met our other halves for a late dinner.

We did however make one small mistake...

We forgot that it was Carnevale this weekend, so the very place that we needed to be was also the most densely populated part of Milan.

Crowd navigation in Italy isn't easy at the best of times, this was insane!

It was pretty fun to get coriandoli in my shoes as we walked through the Piazza though.

After our giggly cinema experience, the crowd had let up enough for us to release our inner children.

We picked up props from the floor -absoLUTEly unheard of in Milano- and let loose. (I am throwing a gigantic armful of confetti into the air. If you look hard enough you can see ;)

Oh yes, there she is... my inner Mi (my name for myself as a child)

I do not envy the poor souls who had to clean up the remaning mess. At least it only happens once a year!

What shaped your weekend?

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