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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday's here again

Sunday is, unfortunately, my second least favourite day of the week. It is the last day of the weekend and I always find it hard to enjoy because I know that without a doubt it will wuickly leak into and then become Monday. Monday is my least favourite day of the week.

To try and help me feel positive about Sundays, I am going to remember all the amazing things about this week and try to keep today full of life!

  • Did you know that I stopped smoking this week?! Of course you didn't, but it is true none the less. It was on my list of big things to do this year and I decided on a bit of a whim that I wasn't going to buy anymore cigarettes, ever again. And That was it... it's going superbly, though it has only been a few days. Wish me luck with staying off them.
  • I had the flu (that's not the good part) but today I woke up feeling like an actual human being again! YAY! Of course, I over did it a little and am now paying with exhaustion, but it's nothing a nap won't solve.
  • I got my shipment of amazon books this week and with time off work, I've been reading, reading, reading and learning too of course. I love having time to really read, especially when I can read in bed. It's so comforting and cosy, even if I am ill!
  • I have been looking at lots of blogs and websites and collecting inspiration for wedding days. No, he hasn'r proposed yet, but we've been talking about it more and more and I figure I might as well get ahead on some of the ideas no? I am feeling very creative in all aspects of my life right now (despite being ill) and it's wonderful to feel so inspired
  • The freezing cold seems to have snapped and we've had a wonderful weekend full of sun! Nothing is more cheering that sun after a long period of dark, cold, fog and grey. Hello Mr. Sun! :D
Here's to next week! *raises an imaginary glass*

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