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Thursday, 23 February 2012

A night alone

I could have spent tonight cleaning, I could have spent it organising my overflowing cupboard, I could have caught up on some well needed sleep... Instead I spent it like this:

Pizza Margherita, I'm feeling very full right now

Beer, because you have to have something fizzy with Pizza you know! (Plus, this only cost me 1.50Euro instead of 3.50. The guys at the pizzeria love me ;)

Internet and futurama.

The awesome little laptop desk thingy above is the best 15Euro I've spent in a loooong while. It makes using a laptop away from a desk so much comfier!

I have decided that I need a smartphone to be able to live my dream of posting more regularly. It is too difficult for me to get on the internet regularly right now. Maybe when spring comes and I am out of hibernation I'll be around more often?

I am willing the Spring to hurry up and greet us already!

1 comment:

  1. hehe, I love that you can see my messy apartment in the background of the pictures. Anyone fancy a job as my cleaner?

    Didn't think so :b