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Friday, 18 June 2010

Will I ever have a quiet weekend?

When I am in Italy, we go from Cameri to Torino every other weekend. On the other weekends, we might go into Novara, or into Milano, or once in a while we just laze around the flat (usually not wearing much because it's so frikking hot and humid in the daytime).

I only got to France last Saturday, but I miss my bf and need some extra clothes (yes, ontop of all the clothes I bought on Tuesday!) so I'm going to Torino this weekend. Back on Sunday evening in time for dinner and sleep before work at the school on Monday. Seriously, will I ever get to have a relaxing, truly relaxing weekend? Maybe not.

As this is being published I should be on my way to Torino. While I am there I am going to buy some more of these:

And I'm going to go here and here and maybe, if I'm feeling very naughty here for a Fiorio sundae... mmm, marsala. I'm also going to hunt down some Italian treasures for a girl who needs her spirits lifting and I'm going to eat some of this:

but not necessarily those flavours. (I'll probably go with Bacio e Crema di Grom con panna montata... YUM!)

I hope you all have a buon weekend! xx

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