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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Spoiler alert - For the boyfriend only ;)

There is a cool shop in Lyon called Pylones, it's got similar stock to Octopus in the UK. I've only been in a couple of times because it's often really crowded, but I went in on Monday and bagged a couple of cute bits...

One of those cool hook thingies so you can keep your bag
secure under the table at a cafe or restaurant... or on a
train too I guess. Well, anywhere with a table really.

These cute little book marks and peanut erasers which will be gifts.

And these awesome eggcups. I'm sure the bf will love them too.
I couldn't resist their cute design and bright colours :)

Yesterday I had to buy clothes for my work experience placement, I went a little overboard, but I love everything I got (haha, as if I wouldn't) It's all very casual, but I really love the little shoes I bought, so maybe I'll do an outfit shot in the near future to show them off ;)

Have you purchased anything funky lately? Or do you have your eye on something or maybe just an awesome shop you should tell me about? You know I need another excuse to spend money ;)


  1. I have one of those bag hooks! they are amazing!

  2. All those things look really cool, I love seeing all this really cool stuff folk find, However, can't afford any of it! Currently lusting after...a MacBook! (Which, I will never be able to afford, unless we win the lottery tonight - which'll be hard, seeing as I forgot to buy a ticket =/)
    Hope you're well =) xx

  3. Leia, I've been wanting one for ages but I used ot have a bag with a long strap so it wasn't necessary as I could still wear it if I needed to, but I hate leaving my bag on the floor, so I gave into temptation ;)

    I love it too, Nicola! I really want a little netbook, but I can't afford one either. Buy a lottery ticket for saturday, I'll send amazing good vibes your way and if you win you can repay me with a netbook? sound good? ;)