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Friday, 25 June 2010

Tetris Girl

I mentioned below that I made a superhero costume for the themed activity day at the ISL on Thursday. It took me a fair amount of time to accomplish, and everyone loved it. I took pics so the bf could have a look and thought I'd share my alter ego with you...

Is it a Rubiks Cube?

Is it a disco dancefloor?


Apologies for the terrible facial expression.

The kids, being very young, had to take a few guesses and even then I had to explain what Tetris is to most of them, but the Rubiks Cube and disco dancefloor were two of the best guesses I had. Kids are great :D

Also, the last picture is great, because it shows the immense paleness of my legs in comparison to my upper body. I've managed a little colour on my shins over the past two days, but now they look almost stripey. I've almost managed to get rid of the tan lines on my shoulders from Thursday too. Hooray for the sun! (and sunscreen of course ;)

Buon Weekend!! x

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  1. Absolutely AWESOME costume!!! Thanks for your comments on my blog... Sorry, I'm a bit hopeless at replying sometimes... Looking forward to reading more here!