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Monday, 28 June 2010


I'm not having a great day.

I came back to Cameri with the bf yesterday. It was 32 degrees in Turin, but it was breezy so there was some relief from the heat. I have no idea what the temp was here yesterday, but the flat was an oven when we returned. That, however, was not the worst thing. There were several (and by several I mean 13) cockroach corpses littered around the flat and there were 2 large ones on their backs playing dead, but I killed them with some hideous cockroach killing spray. Gross. It's not that there's an infestation, it's just that we live in the middle of the country and it gets pretty humid. Perfect for the little f*ckers. And they've taken a liking to our flat.

It's a good job we're moving in a little over a month.

We spent the evening freaking out at every sound and everything, real or imagined, that we saw from the corner of our eyes, thinking it was a cockroach seeking revenge.

We went to a pizzeria, I had a calzone, it was good. It slayed my two week long craving for pizza wonderfully, but I drank a little too much beer *hiccup*. During the 3 minute walk home I managed to get ravaged by my other enemies, mosquitos. I am sporting two hideous bites on my back, which thankfully aren't itchy today and haven't swelled too much, but I also have two GARGANTUAN bites on my left arm. On near my wrist and the other on the inside of my upper arm, just where it will rub painfully on my clothing throughout the day. During the terribly hot and humid night they swelled to a ridiculous size, and now my wrist is totally deformed.

I'm not impressed. Nor am I happy.

These bites are not only itchy ALL the FREAKING TIME. But they hurt whenever anything touches them.

I bought some bite relief gel this morning. It contains ammonia, so it should help, but I fear it's too far gone to make too much of a difference to my poor left arm.

I'm afraid it really is mosquito season in Novara. I'm screwed.


  1. Aww, i'm sorry you're not feeling too good. I know it's not the same, but I've been assaulted by bugs this weekend too. Hope everything perks up soon =) Take care lovely xx

  2. Meh, I'll recover. I really have considered cutting my arm off though. I think if it's this bad tomorrow I'm going to the doctor to ask for an anti-histamine shot. Pills aren't doing anything :( I've tried two kinds today :,(

    I'm sorry you've been hit by the b*stards too :( We need to figure out a way to wreak our revenge!!