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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Italian Adventures

I've had a few Italian adventures over the past month, but I've been too busy/lazy to upload pictures, sorry! I'm going to start with my most recent adventure and work my way back.

This past weekend the bf's parents drove down to Italy from Lyon and I went with them. We didn't go straight to Turin because they had an appointment with a carpenter who was measuring for windows in their house in the mountains which is currently being renovated. So I had an hour to while away in Fenils. It's a tiny little village, just houses and a church kind of tiny. I've been there before, but never in such glorious weather, so I decided to snap some pics. I also got some in the car on the way to Fenils, the clouds were doing some crazy things and the drive through the Alps is just magical :)


I love the little houses nestled into the mountainside.
(Probably going at about 170km an hour here)

Waiting by the side of the road. (Excuse the reflections in the car window)

Amazing sky.

Amazing views.

The snow melts, the river grows.

No shops, but there is a church.

Some awesome catches for the window shutters.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour of Fenils, I look forward to seeing you again on another tour in Italy.

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