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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Shirley's adventures.

So a while ago I think I mentioned discovering a couple of small lakes near Cameri. They're about a 7 minute bike ride away. I could look up the Km, but I'm to lazy :P

I came to the realisation yesterday that I've never published the pics, which is a shame as it's a beautiful place. Also a great place to sunbathe.

These need no explanation. A small little pocket of wonderful peace and beauty. I also love the poppies that have seeded everywhere in the countryside... even in towns and between train tracks. Sadly their season seems to be ending, I see less and less of them everyday. I desperately want to pick some and have them in a vase, but I know they are infinitely more beautiful by the side of the road, or between train tracks.


  1. It looks so peaceful and nice there, love the photos =)

  2. It's really lovely. Except there is a farm right next door, so you get the odd tractor rumble everynow and then, followed by a whiff of manure, but it's bearable.

    In Italy I live with the smell of manure everyday. Hell, I had to deal with it in brighton too! Home from home I guess ;)