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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Monday Musings

This is an odd sort of update... nothing of real substance, more of an excuse to show you some pics I've been hoarding ;)

I haven't really been dressing up, it's far too humid to wear tights and my legs are not ready to be disclosed to the world yet. Also, if I don't wear tights, I can't bike in my dress... so that's a definite no-no. But I miss my dresses :(

Here is one of my much loved outfits of late. I really love the lacey tights, these are my peach/nude coloured ones, with my peach dress. I wore this to go sunbathing at the lake a week or two ago. I got many stares and realised this dress is just a little too short to bike in. But I did it anyway (with one hand on the handlebars and the other holding the hem of my dress).

And here are my nails. I got really bored and decided to repeat the leopard pattern I attempted before, but using this nice mint green colour I picked up in Primark over my 2 day trip to London.

On Friday I decided to go with curly hair. My hair is really fine and has a really annoying wavy shape to it. It's not wavy enough to be nice, it makes waves in weird places and if I just leave it to dry naturally it's rubbish. I managed to get some quite nice curls this time though, which is rare for me because curls usually fall out pretty easily in my hair.

I towel dried my hair and then just twisted large sections around themselves and pinned them into little coils close to my head. When they were almost dry I undid the coils, combed my fingers through the sections to define the curls, scrunched them with wet hands and gave a final spritz of hairspray.

I'm in France now for at least a week. The weather here is much cooler than in Italy and it's nice to get some decent, non-sweat-drenched sleep... although I'm missing my bf immensely. I'm going to go into Lyon city centre when the shops have opened after lunch. I need to get my brother in law a bday card, I also need some shampoo and conditioner (nearly 5 Euros a bottle at the supermarket around the corner!!!) and I wanted to look in some of my favourite shops here, but just window shopping ;)

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend, I start my work experience this week, so I'm sure my updates will be even more slack than ever ;)

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