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Tuesday, 8 June 2010


Sorry to all. I've really been slacking with blogging. I've been pretty lazy all round to be honest... ok maybe that's not strictly true, but mostly true.

I went back to London for a couple of days last week. Wednesday was Republic day here in Italy, so my lovely had the day off and we lazed around for a while, then I packed and we went to the airport. For an international airport, Malpensa is not very well connected. Or staffed for that matter. My flight was delayed by three hours... they put me on an early flight, which was also delayed by three hours, but was planned to take off an hour after my original flight was scheduled to leave.

Me and the beloved bought a huge stack of home magazines (we're going to BUY an apartment here in ITALY! :D ), ate some grimy food courtesy of easyjet vouchers and I smoked many cigarettes.

The flight did not leave at 22:15. The plane didn't even land in Malpensa until 22:45. There were no airport staff around to give information and the one police officer at the internal passport control got a serious bollocking from angry Italian people. Airport staff gave out more vouchers and very limited information... our flight eventually took off at 00:15.

So Tired.

I got into London, waited half an hour for a train, then 20 minutes for a bus, laughed at drunken people getting naked in the fountains at Trafalgar square and finally made it home as the sun was coming up. I was in bed at 4:30, joined by the lovely Benji cat who was very surprised at my sudden and strangely timed presence, but couldn't sleep for ages because I was so wired from the awful trip.

Walking back to my Mum's house and the sun is rising.

I got about 3 hours of sleep and then spent most of the morning opening my post.


I spent Thursday talking to my mum, sunbathing and being tired. I spent Friday shopping, attempting to pack, eating Chinese take away and being guilted by the cat who knew I was leaving again when he saw me get out suitcases.

I got about 3 hours sleep on Friday night and left at 4:30 to get my early flight back to Malpensa. Luckily this one wasn't delayed and I got back to Cameri without a hitch. Apart from the old man who tried to come on to me at Novara train station. Oh and getting fleeced at an airport bureau de change.

We went to Milano on Saturday, it was my beloved's first time there, we met up with one of his workmates and his wife who gave us a tour, treated us to EIGHT EURO soft drinks at a bar with views of the Duomo and spent the whole day decidedly uncomfortable because it was at least 30 degrees and severely humid.

I forgot to bring my camera, so no pictures form Saturday, but I do have a couple from earlier in the week.

Castello Sforzesco - Piazza Castello

It's a fantastic Castle.

With pretty couryards, art exhibitions and the huge Parco Sempione.

I promise to update more often. My internet time is limited, but I'm thinking of shelling out for an internet key of my very own... but I also need to either get my laptop fixed, or get a new one. Decisions, decisions.

I hope you all had lovely weekends and that they were overall, somewhat better that mine :)


  1. Oooh! This brings to mind something you mentioned in a letter, We're both being proper grown-ups and saving for a housey =)
    That airport hassle sounds crap, but glad you had a nice time otherwise =)

  2. Hehe, yeah I thought it was typically me to say I didn't want to settle down and then end up deciding to throw caution to the wind and apply for a mortgage.

    Sometimes I convice myself I feel a certain way to make sure my hopes don't get dashed when reality sticks it's head around the corner.

    But serious amounts of YAY for being grown ups... it's about time (for me at least!)

    also, I'm so glad you got my letter... I was seriously worried the post office lady had done something dodgy with them, haha