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Friday, 7 May 2010


So, the results aren't completely in, but it's a hung parliament.

It looks like my friend is out of a job because Brighton Kemptown voted conservative?? Hove too?? Sigh.

I had a great time watching channel 4's alternative election night (and have totally developed a crush for Peter Serafinowicz) and went to sleep far too late for my own health and sanity. I was really very worried about how the election would turn out, but this has actually restored my faith in the general population somewhat. All the silly people who left it until the last half an hour to go out and vote and then got angry because there were queues of equally stupid people which meant that they didn't get to vote when the ballot boxes were sealed at 10pm are excluded from restored faith.

I think it's really very interesting how the population cast their votes, or rather, how the voting population cast their votes. The results also go to show that the media talk a load of bollocks. The tory papers and stupid opinion polls seem to have scared the population into going out and voting by banging on about how the tories were so likely to win. At least, that's my opinion. And seriously, who is going to trust slimy Dave? Apart from Brighton Kemptown and Hove apparently?? That still bothers me.

Anyhoo, I'm still a little bewildered, but I put that down to lack of sleep and it will be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks. But honestly, I don't hold a stake in this game anymore... I'm migrating to another country, where I'll be the outsider and hopefully won't be subjected to right wing bollocks.

Down with the blues ;)

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