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Friday, 7 May 2010

Fridays make me restless.

I've been feeling quite restless today. I think it's partly the election result, partly the upcoming interview and partly my very well honed skills of procrastination.

I'm bored of my hair. I want it to grow quickly so I can have it long with a long blunt fringe (bangs) like so many gorgeous trendy people have these days. I love the look and spent some time messing around with makeover sites today to find that it wouldn't look as bad on me as I first thought. Fringes for the win!

But I also really miss my pink hair. I know if I bleached it again, my hair would just give up and fall out. Especially since the bleach hasn't really grown out yet. And if I do bleach it, it will take forever to grow long and I can kiss my fringe goodbye. But I really do miss the colour in my life...

My pink hair :'( and my favourite hoodie of all time.

My lovely purple hair (at a eurovision party, which explains
the union jacks)

My summer compromise of purple fringe and pink hair. Oh
and my Stalinist representation of a bear. Long story.

I've also been talking about wanting to go ginger for a while. Not a very carroty ginger, but still, orange rather than red, but I've come to the conclusion it wouldn't suit my skin tone. Neither would platinum, which saddens me to no end.

I guess I'll just stick with brown for now and keep trying to grow my locks. Maybe I'll resurrect the pink hair one day in the far off future...?


  1. I dye my hair loads as well. My favourite colour to go for is jet jet black.

  2. I used to have black hair, way back in 2004-7, before that I had red hair... I really miss fun colours :(