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Monday, 24 May 2010


I really enjoy cycling. I have problems with all my joints, due to many years of dancing, my ligaments and tendons are quite loose. This means certain exercises are really painful for me (like running) but cycling, on the whole, is pretty good. There is also a sense of freedom to owning a bike, I imagine it is similar to when you own a car. There are few better things that cycling down an empty country road in the sun, wind on your skin and in your hair, green all around and the smell of Summer peeking around the corner... bliss :)

When I lived in Brighton, I really wanted a bike. There was a cycle path along the seafront and I had a dream of getting fit; cycling to a secluded spot on the beach to enjoy the sea; fitting my bike with baskets and being able to make the trip to and from tesco without any hassle or bus journeys.

But I was quite particular as to what sort of bike I wanted to own. I either wanted a dutch style ladies bike, step through with sit up and beg handle bars, or I wanted a little Raleigh shopper style bike. To buy new, these bikes cost more than I could afford and the second hand ones were always snapped up before I ever had a change to contact the seller. So... I never got a bike in Brighton and I let my dream wither and die.

Where I lived in London, there were no cycle paths, the traffic was treacherous and I never even entertained the idea of getting a bike.

When I came to Cameri, one of the first things I noticed was the number of bicycles around... parked in the street, without a lock or anything! Just about everyone here seems to have a bike, from kids to grannies and mothers with up to two kids seats attached. Now I'm one of them!

Seeing all those bikes breathed life back into my dream and when I saw they sold bikes at the local supermarket, I got excited. My excitement went through the roof when I saw they were selling my idea of a perfect bike (side stand, bell and dynamo lights included) for only 109 Euro! I ummed and ahhed about it for a few days and finally gave in. I finally own my perfect bike :D

I went into Novara to get my hands on a lock (the Londoner in me can't bear to leave it unlocked in public) and some baskets and now my bike is totally pimped.

I wondered what to call it and the name Shirley popped into my head, It feels right, so now she is Christened. *Drumroll* Everyone, meet Shirley...

Sitting on our balcony like a good girl :)

Look at her fine behind! ♥


  1. Love it, love it, love it. That definitely is the perfect bike! I always wanted a more retro-esque looking bike, but unfortunately I lack the ability to ride a bike and love it. Biking and I don't really get along. Something with my back or being bent over or my arm...I'm not entirely sure. I just can't bike very well.

    I think on a flat area though, going at a leisurely pace in a town, I could probably really enjoy it. There's just nothing like that around here. Too many slight hills and broken sidewalks.

  2. It's a shame you don't get on with cycling. I'm not the best at it, but I really enjoy it. Where we're living is really flat. In fact the whole area is really flat, we live on an extension of the Lomardia plains (but is in the next region, Piemonte) and there are lots of farms and a multitude of rice paddies!