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Monday, 24 May 2010

Introduction for the Week

The past week has been busy and yet boring. I spent a lot of time sitting on the doorstep to our flat reading and drinking (coffee, water and the occasional beer) and smoking. Although I actually did a fair bit last week, I have also felt immense periods of boredom. These periods of boredom are a product of not being able to come onto the internet whenever and for however long I feel like. We have a mobile internet key with 100 hours allowance per month and for people as addicted to the net as me and my bf, this is not very much. Sad but true.

I've really missed blogging and have come online a couple of times to read email, catch up on new posts, check google maps and train times, but that's about it. Therefore I have a lot of news to tell you all and a handful of pictures to post.

I'm unlikely to spend as much time online as I'm doing today, so all my posts will be scheduled. I'll try and keep up with all you lovelies as much as possible, but if you comment or email me and don't get a response very quickly, now you know why :)

Here's the downlow on my past 9 days.

Saturday – Spent in Turin, we slept late and then rushed around doing all the things we should have done in the morning like go to the market and get some plug adapters and extension plugs. We ate way too much pizza and I drank too much at R&A's place (my bf's cousin and her bf).

Sunday – Again, we slept late and missed our planned early train trip back to Novara. Upon arrival at Novara I checked the ridiculous bus timetable to find our bus (Linea 1) stops running before 9pm. This ruined our plan to go to Milano that afternoon, knowing we just wouldn't have time to go home, dump our stuff, eat, get back into Novara, get to Milano, do what we needed to and get back to Novara before 8:50. Instead we went home and chilled out.

Monday – I took the trip into Milano on my own. This was both exciting and scary and Milano is crazy. It reminded me of London, everyone is bustling about, on a mission and determined to get there, no matter the cost. It's also filled with lots of trendy people and I would estimate 85% of the 18-40 year old females wear high heels and have big voluptuous hair.

Tuesday – I spent time at home, it was an uneventful day. I can only assume that because I don't remember much about it. Time is funny when you aren't working, the days seep into each other, memory fails you and everything seems a little grey tinted.

Wednesday – I spent time preparing for my interview. Again, like going to Milan this was exciting and scary. I felt really under prepared, but I put this down to not having experience in this field. The director said they preferred no experience to train new staff from scratch, but this all made me very nervous.

Thursday – Back to Milano for my interview. The train timetable is a bit weird. I can get a train that gets me into Milano for quarter past the hour, quarter to the hour or ten to the hour. It's a little frustrating because ideally I'd like to get there at half past. However, it is not as frustrating as the bus timetable which makes no logical sense and meant I had to hang around at the train station for 40 minutes, or arrive just after my train had left. Interview completed, I should hear back from them this week.

Friday – I felt free and easy. I started to read a book, I took a trip to Carrefour, I biked around a fair bit and I made cupcakes :D

Saturday – Cake for breakfast! We went into Novara and had a little adventure. We ate pizza that evening, I drank too much beer and Inter won the Champions League. This meant there were people driving around Novara and Cameri all night tooting their car horns in jubilation... much to my dismay.

Sunday – I went on a biking adventure and found a couple of small lakes just up the road. This will be my new favourite place to go in the middle of the day when everyone else is holed up inside eating their lunch. The bf's mother came to visit and we went into Novara, ate ice cream, had a wander and I am now the proud owner of possibly the largest English/Italian dictionary I've ever seen. We also bought a digital decoder to bring the huge and ancient TV in the flat into the 21st century. This means we have a bazillion channels now including boing!, which is my new favourite. I spent half an hour watching sanrio cartoons yesterday, I can see this becoming a regular occurrence.

MondayToday – I plan on blogging, ironing, taking a trip to the supermercato, eating lunch by the lakes and reading. A lot. I may even make some biscuits later if I have the time, but most of all I want to get some sun to erase the accidental watch strap mark I managed to acquire during yesterday's bike ride.

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