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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Summer is here!

It is really warm here, averaging around 29ºC everyday now. I decided it was time to strip off the jeans and slip into the dresses. Apparently, this is not received well in Cameri! It seems to encourage much staring from the locals (much more than ususal), especially so when I bike while wearing a dress. Don't worry, I'm not flashing the poor dears, I'm wearing tights, I'm covering my modesty, honest. Maybe it's the colour, maybe it's the style of the dress, maybe it's that I stick out like a sore thumb, maybe it's that I smile at strangers as I bike past them, maybe it's just that I'm new and therefore the most interesting thing on that street at that time, merely by default. Who knows. But it's getting to me a little.
On a lighter note, I bought some great shoes. No really, they are GREAT! Our flat has tiled floors, not only does this make for a lovely dust collections, it's also pretty chilly at night (well, it was until it started reaching 30ºC during the daytime). The bf asked me to pick him up some slippers, so I decided to get some for myself but before I reached the aisle with the slippers, the special offers display caught my eye. Sitting there, in all their colourful glory, were a huge bunch of croc style slip-ons from Fila. At under 10 Euros in an array of bright and wonderfully garish colours, I had to have some. I settled on these awesome violet pair and wear them whenever I'm safely inside the boundaries of our flat/courtyard. They are great fun and really comfy. I kinda forget I'm wearing them and have nearly burst onto the street with them on a couple of times.

Don't worry, I didn't wear them out. I opted for converse instead.

Also, I waited an age for Primark to get some lacy tights and at £2 a pair, I am delighted with these. I also got them in peach/flesh coloured ♥ ♥ ♥


  1. I delight in those too!!! and the converse-- too cute! it is very "j.crew" btw ;)

  2. I wore my peach pair to the lake the other day. I have decided when I return to London I'm going to buy doubles of them because I love them so much :D

    I had to look up j.crew... culture gap = huge, hehe :)