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Monday, 26 April 2010

Feeling sorry for myself.

I have a few things to be sad about today.
  1. The sun is not really out. There is too much cloud, a forecast of rain and I am worried about the future of our summer.
  2. I am ill. I had a really nice weekend, but by the time I got back ot London yesterday evening my throat was really painful and I'd had a stuffy nose on and off all day. This morning confirmed it. I'm ill. Some hideous viral infection, I hope it goes away quickly.
  3. My lovely boyfriend is going to Italy tomorrow. Indefintiely. For-ever. I will be visiting him soon, and eventually moving out to Italy too, but it saddens me. There are so many things I wanted to do with him here in England before he left, but sadly we have run out of time.
So, I'm feeling sorry for myself. I emphasized this by eating chocolate for brunch. I'm holding out for mum's roast dinner, so I doubt I'll eat anything in between (which merely adds to the pathetic state of mind right now).

Apart from being a little pathetic, I actually had a really fun weekend. We spent a lot of it with our friend Don Michele. He picked us up on Friday and drove us to his home town, and drove us home again yesterday too (Thanks again!!). We went to Cricklade, first town on the Thames. We saw the Thames in it's tiny stunted form and Michael took great delight in saying "HA! We have the same river as you!" before I told him that where I live, we actually have a different river as I don't live anywhere near the Thames.

We took a really nice walk from whitehorse hill to weyland's smithy and spent a peaceful half hour or more talking about life. We also visited 80% of Britain's Snake's Head Fritillaries. They are a really beautiful flower, but my camera doesn't do them justice.

We met new people and we played Lord of the Rings boardgame which was really fun. I don't like things that are competitive, but this is a co-op game and I want to play it again, but with the expansion packs :D And maybe a 5th player so someone can be Fatty. (yes, there is a hobbit character called Fatty).

Sunday evening was a little rushed as I threw on my heels and bombed it to Leicester sq with the bf to have dinner with my sister and her bf. We went to Abeno Too, which is a fabulous restaurant serving okonomi-yaki and various other Japanese delights. I only care about the okonomi-yaki, so I kinda glaze over the rest of the menu, although the teppanyaki chicken my sister had looked great.

We were planning on going to Brighton for the day today but I woke up feeling like shit and the bf didn't feel much better, so we decided to stay here and chill out instead. I hope we're not missing too much sun on the coast!

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