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Friday, 23 April 2010

Dressing up.

I love any excuse to dress up. Seeing as i'm not working a the moment I spend a lot of time in trackies, hawaiian shorts, or scruffy jeans and t-shirts. I've been out with friends and family a few times recently, but the weather is too unpredictable to really go all out on dressing up, mainly because I don't want to be too cold, nor do I want to have to lug around my winter coat in the sun.

Yesterday I threw caution to the wind and got dressed up to go to the V&A with my lovely bf to see the quilts exhibition. We've wanted to go for a while now, but it's been difficult with being out of the coutnry so much recently, but he's leaving for Italy on Tuesday so we made a last minute scramble out the door yesterday afternoon and trotted down to south kensington.

Tights and jacket from Primark, Dress from Peacocks, Necklace DIY

The quilts exhibition was really nice, but me and the bf both felt they could have had a little more variety. There weren't any vintage/antique American quilts and that would have been nice. I didn't take any pictures at the V&A, we went quicte late in the day and I only just managed to get in to the gift shop (it's full of wonderful and terribly expensive delights). I'm really glad I did, I ummed and ahhed about this rig, but decided to buy it in the end because it's so damn pretty. I've been wearing a lot more jewellery recently and I'm enjoying changing it everyday and this is perfect for all my sumery outfits.

It's absolutely huge, it's about 2cm tall and it's beautiful laquered wood. I'm totally digging it.

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