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Monday, 19 April 2010

My week.

I had a pretty awesome time during the last seven days. The start of the week was fairly quiet, a nice bit of shopping and much letter writing on Monday, more letter writing and crafting onTuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday I went into town with the bf and the brother in law. We went to covent garden, ate great mexican food at Cafe Pacifico, did a little shopping and went to the Natural History Museum. It is one of my favourite London museums, it's such a fantastic building, outside and in. I'll be sure to scan my pictures when I get them back (if they are any good!)

We spent alot of time in the earth rooms. My favourite areas used to be dinosaurs and mammals as a kid, but I could spend hours looking at and learning about minerals these days. Such amazing beauty and patterns. Fantastic.

Friday I slept late and then spent most of the day painting my nails and such in preparation for our Persian meal out. I wore my new shoes, of course ;)

Saturday was an early morning up and out, back into town to meet friends who came up from Brighton for the day. We walked 6.5 miles (10.5 km) walking through London and we went to the Tate Modern where I picked up a couple of really lovely notebooks and a PENCIL :D We sat in the sun and it was such a lovely warm day :) We then went straight to my sister's place. We'd made plans to go to the cinema, but had to drive there as the local one wasn't showing Clash of the Titans. Her mr. drives an Audi TT. My sister and I had to squish into the back of it. I'm a little claustrophobic and there was zero space back there, but it was a giggle. We stayd over at theirs and indulged in late night snacks and beer.

My sister has a really nice coffee machine and I love staying at hers because she makes a great latte in the morning. I had two on Sunday, sitting on the sun drenched balcony and it was lovely. She decided to have a bbq so we had to go buy one. We went to the garden centre where they sell myriad of amazing things and I picked up a couple of candles and this cute little ladybird pot thingy that I'm going to keep my rings in. The bbq was tasty, but I drank way too much. Beer, Pims, Champagne and Sangsters.

I'm pretty dehydrated today, but I got up to go to the shopping centre and get some paper and a couple of things for swaps. I stopped in peacocks and picked up a cute top and dress I'd seen last monday, and I also picked up this really cute sweater dress. I <3 it.

I'm totally a crazy cat lady (well, I have the potential to be one) so this sweater is going to stay a firm favourite of mine :D

So the past seven days were prety hectic in the end. I'm hoping for an equally busy and fun packed week this week too. My beloved man is leaving in a week so we want to do all those things we've wanted to do in town for a while but not gotten round to yet. I'll try and take more pictures this week :)

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