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Monday, 5 April 2010

Awesome vintage jewellery.

I went for a meal with my family on Easter Sunday. I wanted to wear my grey dress, but seeing as it's too big and I haven't bothered to exchange it yet, I settled for my flowery one. I wore my great-granny's opal and my mum gave me a pair of earrings to wear, which I totally creamed over. Have a look...

After the meal and a few extra drinks, my sister wanted to go through the jewellery in the safe. So we dug everything out and went through it all. I absolutely love my nanny's engagement ring, it's fabulous and I took it out to clean and then promptly stuck it on my finger, when my mum said that if I really like it that much that I can have it. I can have it? Seriously, this made my day :D There are two rings that I have lusted over ever since being a tiny girl playing with my mum's stuff and they are great-granny's opal ring and nanny's engagement ring, and now I own them both! I'm so happy and will definitely get some pictures soon.

Also, I was trying on some pearls, which actually really suit me, and my mum gave me a string of pearls too! So I'm super duper vintage/antique jewellery queen. The best Easter EVER!


  1. Mia those earrings are such a score- they're perfect on you! vintage/unique jewelry is my fave and so i love that you got to have your nanny's engagement ring.

    I remember when i lived with my gf Katy the house across the street was having a garage sale so we headed over there and i bought a bunch of this cute little old lady's necklaces (one was a unicorn) and she wanted to see each one and share a story about when she wore it etc (which i loved!!!) and i promised her i would have my own little adventures with them. :)

    and i have.

    the unicorn necklace? wore it on my trip from Texas to my new home in Virginia.


  2. I love that somehow, the old school jewellery supply is never ending. There are boxes and drawers full of it, either precious or costume, all over my mum's house. It's amazing. Especially since I have strange taste in jewellery, nothing in the shops ever calls to me.

    I love the stories behind the jewels too. The engagement ring is typical 30's style and only has 3 tiny diamond chips in, but my grandad couldn't afford anything more. The band is so worn that I daren't wear it out of the house until it's been to the jewellers!

    Your unicorn sounds adorable. I'd love to find more things like this, but they're really hard to come by in the UK or they're really expensive. We just don't get garage and estate sales that much in London. Well, none with any real finds anyway :(