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Saturday, 3 April 2010


This week I became really excited about the prospect of mail. On Sunday I signed up for post crossing and then a couple of days ago I signed up for swap bot, both of which are mail exchange sites, post crossing is based on post cards and swap bot is based on just about anything. This is on top of leaving a request on indie fixx for a penpal through the pen pal project. I got several responses to my request, all of which I have already written letters to, I set up 5 post card swaps, all of which were posted on Tuesday and I've signed up for 5 swaps coming up between now and May.

When I say I'm excited, it's a very large understatement, I can't express how much I like to receive mail. So much so that I kept all the letter I've ever received from family, friends and past penapls, some of which are 15 years old. I'm a little impatient to know that my mail got to it's destination, so this flippin super long bank holiday weekend for a holiday I don't even celebrate is killing me. So to make up for it, I'm going to show you something pretty I made for one of my brank spanking new penpals. She was actually the first request I had from the penapl project and I was all fired up and excited, so if you're reading this and I've written to you, but you weren't the recipient of this little wonder, don't fear, I'll be getting creative and posting you something soon enough ;)

Oooh, I love it! I think it's adorable. It's actually pretty tiny too.

Here is the letter and little address card for scale (sorry it's out of focus, my camera is dying)

I was going to write about all personal mail here, but decided it's easier to keep everything in once place. So if you'd like to see more, jump over here

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  1. I am currently hosting a mail swap at my blog and thought you might be interested in it. Check it out.