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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Vintage love.

So while trawling etsy for supplies and secretly looking for pretty things, I did a search for vintage suitcases. The only ones I've ever found in person have been particularly beaten up, stained or ripped. Oh, and grossly over priced to boot. On etsy I've found a haven for vintage luggage in surprisingly good condition, but most of it is from the states so the postage is through the roof.

Can I justify spending $77 on the most gorgeous piece of luggage I've ever seen in my life, when I really don't need it and seeing as it doesn't have wheels would have to lug around and because it's too big to carry on, I'd have to get it shrink wrapped everytime so it doesn't get damaged by bag throwers, thereby losing out on the joy of having beautiful luggage anyway?? Sure I can, it's gorgeous!!! But I don't have that kind of money, so I'm going to secretly hope no one else buys it and pray I win the lottery or something so I can buy it.

Well, enough with the wishing, here are some of my favourite picks from etsy...

Can you guess which is my dream case??

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