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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Bye bye Bayern!

After 45 minutes spent on the plane waiting for enough staff to man the air traffic control tower for take off, we made it home in one piece and indulged in our last junk food meal for a very long time at Stansted last night. Right now my body hates me, I'm seriously dehydrated, still recovering from excessive beer consumption and my uterus is cramping like crazy... but I had a great time in Munich and ate some wonderful (mainly pork based) meals.

I woke up a little too early due to the bf's alarm and still being on European time, but it meant I got to enjoy the peace and quiet of the house for an hour by myself and I spent my first cigarette of the day pawing over beautiful clothes, which I'll be sure to post about soon.

I already miss the German hospitality of our friend's Gramdma who kept and fed us for 5 days, but I'm glad to be home, with space to relax, if just for a day and to be able to go outside without minus temperatures and the heavy blizzards of Munich.

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