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Sunday, 7 March 2010

2010 Skiing and my love for Torino

I think I actually spent less time skiing this year than I did last year... can that be true? Maybe not. My skiing as definitely improved, but I think I'm still in need of lessons. Me and MrM decided we should start a skiing fund for our trip next year. I would love to buy some skis and boots, but lets face it, skis are expensive, so maybe I'll just get some really well fitting boots. The main aim of the fund is to be able to afford two weeks worth of ski lift passes, a few hours worth of lessons to turn us into wonders on the slopes and money for the weekends when we'll abandon the busy mountains for the glory of the chocolate city of Europe... Turin!

This means I'll be saving for a possible move to Turin, the big Japan trip in 2012, a car and skiing. I better get a well paid job sorted out eh?

I really do love Torino, I think a lot of it has to do with my love of the in-law's apartment there. It's indescribable, it's not huge, nor well fitted, but there is something about it that tugs on my heart strings. I just want to hug it and love it and look after it. Strange, I know, but the thought of actually moving there for a year makes my heart skip a beat! I'd be able to spend time and love making it ever so pretty... eep! Apart from the apartment love, Torino is full of beautiful buildings, amazing ice cream parlours (Ahem, GROM!), restaurants, coffee shops (Mulassano is my favourite), chocolate shops (Agiordano), Pasticcerias (Pfatisch), there are also an abundance of squares to be found hidden around unexpected corners and the largest outdoor market in Europe where great food is so cheap it makes me cry!

Unfortunately, I rarely take pictures of things like this, opting for more obscure things in order to try and make my pictures look more arty and *cough*pretentious*cough* pretty. So, without further ado, here are a few I took in Bardonecchia/Torino/Lyon :)

Some post piste snacks (there is sure to be a food theme here)

Giant chocolate squares!

Is Christmas lingering or is the owner of this lonely wreath too lazy to
retire it for the year?

Me and the bf and some random large cutlery outside Brek.

Mmmm, Pasticcini from Pfatisch.

Trust me, they didn't last long!

I couldn't resist this view from the apartment window.
It was so autumnal, the mist hung to the ground that night.

But the following day was glorious!

The bf and I commenced morning lounging in the sun.

This is the only picture I took in Lyon. The neighbours of my in-laws keep bees
and the garden was full of them everyday. Some of them were definitely drunk...
Tsk tsk Mister Bee!

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