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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Awaiting spring...

I didn't really get excited about spring/summer nudes until I went to the shops yesterday. It was a mistake and completley unplanned. I was supposed to be going to the cinema but I left it too late and it was packed with school kids so I hit the shopping centre instead. I hadn't intended to purchase anything except office stuff from the £1 store (which I also did) but I walked through Primark and saw a couple of lovely sun dresses, one in apricot and the other in charcoal. I picked them up, held them against me in the mirror and put them back. While walking to the exit I saw a gorgeous nude faux suede blazer, I immediately picked my size and went back for the charcoal dress. I looked for ages for a grey blazer to go with the apricot dress but to no avail so I picked a white dress and black blazer and headed for the changing room where I fell in love with the nude blazer and the charcoal dress and promptly purchased them to wear to my niece's confirmation next weekend.

Today I actually managed to get up early enough for the first Alice in Wonderland show of the day and stupidly went back into Primark where I purchased the apricot dress and a cute navy and pink floral dress. I also got an adorable mint and black polka dot top (which I'm wearing), a much needed nude coloured bra and a couple of camisoles (I hate wearing a top or dress with nothing underneath). Oh and a cute cream bag with gold detail.

My innocent cinema and errand trip turned into a miniature spending spree!

I walked through New Look to use their escalator and saw a gorgeous mint and cream lace dress and almost ran through the shop before anything else caught my eye. Now all my new purchases are awaiting better weather so I can dress up like peaches and cream. I've fallen in love with the pastels and nudes of the season and spent ages yesterday trawling the net for the perfect shoes to accompany said colour scheme.

I found them...

I honestly think I may have a spending problem.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting up early to go back into town with my mum who wants to see if she can find anything nice for next week. I think I might persuade her to buy me the cream version of the polka dot top. It's only £3 after all...

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  1. I'm terribly excited about Spring too - nudes are perfection!
    Great blog too :)