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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A Magical Weekend

The bf and I have just returned from the magical Isle of Avalon, also known as Glastonbury. We had a great time and Kay and Lawrence from Spirals were lovely and made our stay even more special, they even gave us a card on our Anniversary!

We spent a lot of time drinking coffee and eating cake, drinking ale and huge meals. We also walked alot, including a gloriously muddy trek up the Tor where it snowed as we reached the top, a long trek from Wells to Wookey Hole where we also explored the caves and met a gorgeous black cat who loved me. We actually did a lot over the past few days and as a consequence I have taken precautions so as not to forget everything and have written a list of all the things we did for each day.

We're flying to Turin tomorrow afternoon to ski and drink more coffee. I'm a little worried about skiing, I'm not exactly the best, but I had a blast last year, so I just need to find my inner confidence. I've got packing to do and I'm exhausted from all the travel, but I brought back some cider which semi-burst in my bag and it's waiting for me in the fridge so I'll take a moment to chill before the running around like a headless chicken sets in... again.

The Red Spring waters of Chalice Wells

'Say it with Beer' Glastonbury Ale

Love tea, it was scrumptious

The flowers in our room bloomed through our stay

From our room... "The Heart Room"

No Journey is complete without bear shaped
chocolate chip cookies and...

Plenty of music to choose from!

I have other photos from my own camera which I will have to post at some point. They include the favourite item in our room... the pink glittery Virgin Mary coin bank. It has to be seen to be believed... I might see if I can get hold of one myself!

I guess I won't be posting here for a while due to being on the continent, but it doesn't mean I've forgotten my duties as a blogger. I'll have plenty to report upon my return.

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