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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Back in London Town...

...but not for long. We're flying to Munich on Thursday and it will be my first real trip to Germany, WHEEE!!! I'm quite excited and I know it will be a great trip filled with much eating and drinking of beer :D

However my return to London has brought with it mixed feelings of joy and grief. I returned to a handful of parcels of supplies for my shop, I was/am feeling really positive about my venture although I still have lots of research to do. I also found my lovely copy of Lula waiting for me, and here is where my anger starts brewing again. In case you don't know Lula is a hefty magazine, over 230 pages worth of gorgeousness and the stupid f***ing postman decided to BEND the poor thing in half and JAM IT THROUGH THE LETTERBOX thereby creasing ALL the pages and also scratching up the back page of the magazine. If it were a 60p weekly magazine I wouldn't mind so much but grrr, I'm so angry. I feel a little silly for getting worked up by it, but really, how hard is to knock on the door and give it to my mother in person?? Anyway, see the damage for yourself.

The awful bending :(

And the terrible scratches that actually went through to the next/last page.

Otherwise, I'm happy to be back because the sun is shining, I have access to my iPod again, I can upload my photos and I have access to both bathroom and kitchen scales again! Oh, and I can't forget the love I have for Benji my lovely pussy cat (he's really my mum's but I like to pretend he's mine seeing as he loves me most, heheh).

I don't really have much to update on. Although I am full of motivation and inspiration, it is mostly to do with making things, learning Italian and the possibility of moving to Turin in september, so I'll leave you with the final picures of our Glastonbury trip (which feels like a lifetime ago) while I get back to book keeping, which is what I was supposed to be doingin the first place ;)

The amazing glittery Virgin Mary, although she needs a hoover.

Someone in the guestbook of the B+B described this bed as
'like sleeping in a marshmallow'. Possibly the most accurate
way to describe this heavenly experience!

We stumbled upon this amazing cul-de-sac in Wells, all the
houses were like this with amazing chimneys and to top it off,
at the end of the street was a church with pretty stained glass.

Crazy giant red bunny at Wookey Hole Caves.

Me and the bf in the hall of mirrors and Wookey Hole Caves.

At the top of Glastonbury Tor. It was horribly windy, but
definitely worth it.

A view of Glastonbury Tor from Chalice Wells gardens.
We were actually sitting in a sheltered wooden garden swing,
but I forgot to get a picture of it :(


  1. gosh thats SO annoying about the magazine, I know exactly what you mean!!! if i'm in a shop and the front copy is bent/torn, I will totally go to the back to find a nice copy!! glastonbury tor sounds amazing, i've always wanted to go but i've heard the hill is a bloody nightmare to climb!!! great views tho! love the blog :) xoxo

  2. I have an obsessive streak where I always take an item from the back of the shelf or rack in ANY shop. It's so bad that if my bf picks up something from the front I put it back and take a different one.

    The Tor isn't so bad, we decided to approach from the side and got stuck in lots of mud before hitting the concrete path and steps, which were obviously much easier, but not nearly as much fun :)

  3. Seems such a fun weekend! You should beat your postie up next time he comes around!

    Paddy☮ xx

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