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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Shoe update

So my Melissa's look and smell awesome. I've been wearing them indoors (read in the house, when I go out for a cigarette and down the road to Tesco once) on and off since I got them in an attempt to wear them in. I'd already read that they come up a little small and do take some time to wear in, being seamless and rubber, so I wasn't expecting an easy ride, especially seeing as my feet aren't exactly the narrowest. I ruined a cheap pair of pop socks on the first day, they were ripped to shreds by my toes while squeezing the shoes on. My toes experienced some numbness on the first day thanks to the tops of the shoes being hard and pressing down on them, but I managed to wear them out in the icy snow slush and not only did I not have to worry about ruining them, they were really good as far as grip was concerned. I of course had my sturdy boyfriend to clutch onto, but I didn't feel any slipping underfoot. Yesterday I wore them less because I spent most of the day curled up on the sofa, but they did feel more comfortable and making dinner in them was a lot easier than it was on the first day. I slipped them on this morning for my morning cigarette and to clear the icy slush from our patio (it rained! Thank Goddess!) and my toes didn't go numb, I'm used to the snug feeling, which actually reminds me of a ski boot now, as if the hidden platform and heel were a part of my foot rather than my shoe, and they stood up to the elements perfectly!

Long and short of the story = I still have some work to do to wear them in properly, but these are going to be a lifesaver through the slush of winter, the 'showers' of spring, the lovely British 'Summer' and the gale-filled Autumn. They are all season shoes that have an awesome padded sole, a comfortable heel, and once they are worn in are likely to spend little time off my feet in the year to come :)

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