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Sunday, 17 January 2010


I just realised that it's TWO WEEKS TILL IMATS!!!! I'm really excited about this... it will help me decide what to do about my course. The only problem I have is that if I really do want to go for this course I'm going to have to try and scrape together about £20,000. Yes, twenty THOUSAND pounds. Considering I seem to have spent about £6K in the past two years out of my savings, that's going to be a struggle. Anyway, that is something to think about for another day.

I'm super excited for IMATS, then the following weekend I'm taking the boyfriend away for the weekend for our 5 year anniversary. The day after we get back from that super secret getaway we're flying out to Turin to ski for a week and we may be staying with the in-laws in France for a little bit afterwards. So, it'll be well into March before I even have a hint of finding a job. Oh, and we're going to Munich in March to see the boyfriend's best friend, which will also be my first visit to Germany.

There is lots going on and lots to be excited about. I'm also in the process of trying to set up a little online shop through etsy.com, but I'm still in the whole making things stage. I've opted for making the easy things first and then all my other ideas (keys, table etc.) will hopefully come afterwards when I have more money to play with and hopefully a better idea of what to actually make. It doesn't help that I can't draw for sh*t :(

So, my life is pretty dull and boring, yet totally busy at the same time. It's weird. Super weird in fact. And I really need to get a job, get my driving licence and my typing qualification. Man Alive, I've gotta get my ass into gear.

I wonder how long this excitement will last...?

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