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Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Shoe Heaven

Well, I received my Melissa's after a few days of patiently waiting and getting excited every time the postman came and it was certainly worth the wait! I was going to create a sexy strip tease set of photos like I did for my IR boots, but I couldn't wait to get them on and I'm still in my trakkies so I wouldn't have made for a good photo.

Here is a pic I filched from google...

but it doesn't do them justice. They are amazing, the flocked finish doesn't look so great here, but it's lovely in real life. Also you can't smell them... they are bubblegum scented! They've actually filled the room with their wonderfully synthetic smell (I love plasticy smells) and although I'm still in the process of wearing them in, which has proved more difficult since I've been out of heels for a while, I'm totally in love with them!

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