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Saturday, 9 January 2010


My mother bought me a lottery ticket earlier today and I'm totally going to win the jackpot! I know, I know, but if I don't believe it, it will never happen. I've already mastered half of the skill needed to actually win the lottery i.e. buying a ticket, now the rest is up to fate, or luck, or whichever deity takes your fancy, but tonight my lovlies you will all be disappointed because I, Maria, am going to win the big one!

Seriously, Positive Mental Attitude will only get me so far, but I'm feeling a little sad about money right now. I wanted to find out more in regards to funding for the fantabulous course I've been looking into (more on that another day) only to find I can't get a stupid student loan because I'm not taking 'a professional course' in their opinion and I maxed out my ability to partake in the wonderful student loan scheme while getting my BSc Psychology some years ago. Sigh. I could have done with the help.

I can, however, take out a bank loan, as if I were taking a Masters course, but only up to £10,000, the course is nearly £16,000 and I haven't even thought about living costs properly. So, I'd have to have £10,000 of my own money to put toward the course and that would take at least 2 years of living at home with a well paid job I reckon. I guess I'm doomed to never fulfill my dream.

Maybe Delamar will have to wait until after Japan. If Iever come back to Europe that is.

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