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Friday, 8 January 2010

I have a problem...

My original intent for this blog was a log of the things that made me smile in my day to day life. It was only earlier today that I realised that is probably going to revolve around purchases, with the odd bit of travel thrown infor good measure. Why? Because I am a massive consumer. I'm addicted to buying things. I can't help it! It's almost out of control!!!

So now you know one of my worst features and I've admitted that I have this problem, I can move on.

Today I bought a new pair of jeans, identical to the ones I'm currently wearing, but new because mine are getting holey. Not holy as in blessed by a deity, which could be pretty cool... super jeans with the power to heal, but holey meaning they have holes in. Or rather one large hole in the inner thigh of the right leg.

New Look. £10. Bargain.

I also bought a bunch of tights from Primark, mostly because they are cheap and seeing as I'm losing weight Idon't want to start forking out £10 a pop for tights that won't last. I got some black 40D, some sheer natural tights, black ribbed, grey ribbed, grey 80D and some fishnets. I haven't worn fishnets for some 7 years now. In fact I haven't worn them since I got fat. That's not a coincidence by the way. However, fishnets are flattering and I want to wear more skirts and I like the range of tights and did I mention they are flattering?

I also (this'll be my last purchase of the day) got my parcel from the book people, so I'm all set for making low points meals, awesome tasty treats as gifts, I'm also ready to relearn French, really learn Italian and pick up a little German before our Munich trip in March. I also got the pocket literary guide which is just some cute facts about literature.

I also caved last night and orders some melissa's... pics to come when I recieve the package. Shoe porn = Lush.

My future posts won't just be a list of things I've purchased. Promise.


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