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Monday, 25 January 2010


I can't stop spending, and it's definitely hormonal. I'm excited for the arrival of my packages, but it means I really have to knuckle down with trying to earn money as well as spending it. I bought some craft related items so I'll have new things to try out too, which should be fun... except me and the hot glue gun are not best of friends!

Not much else is going on... I've been holed up for most of the day moaning and complaining about menstrual cramps. They hurt. Alot.

But it helps when you have pretty things like shoes and etsy and ebay and a whole array of gorgeous items in your wishlist that you'll probably never own but desperately want, to occupy the time... I decluttered my etsy hearts yesterday only to fill them up again and I spent the whole evening lusting over Art Deco glass... drool.

I managed to bag a beautiful pink glass trinket holder, which I'm really looking forward to receiving. Fingers crossed it makes it through the mail ok :)

Anyhoo, enough spending for now... I hope!

edit: I also really want a dolls house wall shelf... it's like a cross section of a tiny house with tiny compartments to display cute knick knacks in, but they are impossible to find in the UK. Luckily I have 5 of those printing drawers in Lyon, which I may attempt to convert into said display units. Seeing as I was thinking of using them to display keys, this should go down well as a practice run :)

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