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Friday, 29 January 2010


I actually made these a couple of weeks ago, the pictures are about a week old and I took a huge bunch, but only a couple came out ok. It doesn't help that I don't like pictures of myself, especially self portraits... but shyness aside, I really love these earrings and wanted to show them off, so here goes!

My mum gave me a big bag of buttons to play with (well, mostly to steal the little resealable bags from) and I found this pair, which immediately screamed EARRINGS!!! to me, so I fulfilled their destiny and created this gorgeous pair. I can't wear them with my hair down though, it doesn't do them (or me) justice.

This gives you some idea of what they look like on... and also shows my face to the world of blogger. (I wish I'd put somethingon my lips, I look deathly!)

And another for you all. I love quiffs and through the course of the day my fringe will most likely end up looking like this!

Just incase you weren't sure, I love me earrings :D

I hope I haven't scared you off too much internet!

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