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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Art Deco Glass

So I mentioned in this post that I'd purchased a delightful trinket box, it arrived some time ago and has been sitting on my shelf looking pretty ever since, but I've decided it's time to show it to the world...

The Shelf it calls home

Pretty Pretty!

Behold the treasures that lie within.

I decided it deserved some pretty trinkets to look after so I dumped most of the loose things from my bedside table thingy into it including 3 pairs of cute earrings, 2 pretty rings, my panda usb key and my favourite cherry Hello Kitty lip balm. I also realise now that I am going to have to get the glass cleaner out and give it a good polish!

I think eventually it will house the jewellery that I currently have on my etsy favourites... either that or the miniature animal collection I aspire to have :)

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  1. Hi Mia, thanks for the comment. I got them on ebay. That particular set is from a seller called maytheps-au and but the cheapest ones on ebay are from a seller called noxandra. hth!