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Saturday, 7 January 2012

The last week of 2011

We spent 6 days amazing, relaxing and fun days in the stunning Italian Alps over the xmas period. It was made even more special by the fact we were joined by two of our best friends here and it was, in fact, their last week in Italy.

Mr has an invaluable internship starting on Monday in London with a huge design and advertising comapny and Mrs is 5 months pregnant, so it's going to be a big year for them and they decided to move back to the UK, doing what is best for them and their future as a family.

They will be sorely missed, but luckily they are not too far away and we got to spend this amazing week with them and their puppy before they left. I'm so thankful for that! I wish them the hugest amount of luck, I am sure big things will happen for them, they really deserve it.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely break, I hope all is going well with you x

  2. Hello my lovely, things were very up and down for me in the last couple of months of the year, but now it's all looking up! I have a beastly pile of letters to reply to and yours shall be on it's way as soon as humanly possible :) xx