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Sunday, 13 February 2011

Things that have happened...

This Tuesday gone was mine and the bf's 6 year anniversary.

He sent a text to my colleague telling her to keep me at work for as long as possible and then surprised me by turning up at my workplace when I finished and whisking me off to a 5* hotel in Milan. We hung out there for a while and then went to a fancy seafood restaurant for dinner, where we had the freshest oysters ever and drank a little too much wine. I was treated like a princess and best of all I got to have a lie in because our hotel was in Milan and so I didn't have make my commute that morning. Best boyfriend ever xx

(pic was taken 3 weeks ago... the only pic I got on the night wasn't all that good)


  1. BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!!! cutest photo ever too :)

    happy anniversary!!! 6 YEARS OF LOVE and going... beautiful

  2. What a perfect boyfriend who planned the sweetest surprise! There is no better gift than a romantic evening together that HE planned :) AMAZING! Happy Anniverary :) xo