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Sunday, 23 January 2011

New Hair

I have a confession, it didn't come out exactly how I imagined....

...it looks way better and I love it!


  1. you look fab! i love it!

    btw--i am working on writing all of my penpals back and you are next on my letter bunch. so hopefully i can send something along by the end of the week.


  2. Darcy, Thank you and Jen, Thank you too! :D

    I love it SO much (plus it looks much better when I style it, hehe) I'm so glad I went for the chop!

  3. i LOVE it!! which doesn't help because i have been wanting to chop off my hair :)

  4. I read the first line, saw the photos, and went, "What?! It looks great!" ... and then read the rest of the post (:

    I've never had the guts to cut off my long locks. But, if I ever muster enough up, I want it to look just like yours!