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Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Something pretty big and awesome happened to me during the month of December. I solidified real friendships, outside of work. It may sound pretty small to other people, but without friends, it just didn't feel like I lived here. Sure I have a job, I commute, we rent a flat and have it almost fully furnished, but there was something missing. Now there isn't (*ahem* apart from a puppy).

Over the short period I spent in London, I only managed to get my act together and see one of my friends, who actually came up from Brighton to spend the day with me and the bf. We spent the afternoon in a couple of typical British pubs - read dark and dingey - and it was lovely to see him again.

Me and Dan being goofy.

Being equally goofy but not on purpose ;)

Last weekend me and the bf got totally trashed with some friends here by going to see live music, making friends with the band, accidentally crashing their after party and getting 4 rounds of drinks for free. A nice, cheap and entertaining night. I've still not recovered from the lack of sleep! Sadly, I forgot my camera, so no stupid drunken photos to share :(

I love having friends here, but I still miss my oldies from 'home'. I hope you all miss me as much!

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