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Thursday, 22 July 2010


What do you do on journeys? I love to listen to music and stare out of the window, my mind will wander and I'll feel perfectly at peace with the world.

As long as it's not pushing 40degrees outside and the train isn't to busy (yesterday's homeward bound journey was a nightmare)

I've got 4 train journeys to take today and I'm contemplating bringing my netbook, but the tourist in me is screaming *NO! DON'T DO IT! IT WILL GET STOLEN!!!!!!!*

So I think I'll leave it at home.

Sadly I'm not in the best of moods... but I'm sure I'll get over it. I'm wishing you a happier Thursday than mine x


  1. While a regular ol' notebook might even be considered priceless to some, it is less likely to get stolen. Go all out, bring a Moleskin! hehe

    Depends how long the ride is though. Do you have any blog posts you've been meaning to write but haven't yet?

    Some ideas of things to write in a notebook on a journey:

    1. List of things you see
    2. List of things that make you smile
    3. Letters to friends!
    4. Things you want to do before you die
    5. Blog posts that you've been meaning to write
    6. Book reviews
    7. Fun facts

    You might already be on the train though...I hope you have a notebook with you :) Or a good book!

  2. Hope everything is ok with you lovely, thank you for your nice words over at me blog =) xxx
    P.s. Mum is ok thanks, hope your mum is alright and that she gets better soon.

  3. Caiti, I almost always have some kind of notebook on me and I did bring my very special diary with me to jot a few words, but I don't like to write on trains because the movement ruins my handwriting. Plus Italian trains rarely have tables, so it makes it even harder. Maybe one day I'll write you a letter from a train so you can see the effects, hehe

    Nicola, you're most welcome :) I'm glad your mum is ok, mine is back at home now and in less pain, so things are looking up.