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Friday, 30 July 2010

Away for the weekend

I'm not very well :( I've got a mild bacterial infection/virus living in my throat. It means I've got gloopy mucus coating my vocal chords and my voice keeps coming and going. Far from sounding sexy (ala Phoebe from friends) I sound a little posessed and feel a bit crappy. Luckily it's not too bad and I'm not in too much pain, or coughing too much.

It does mean I'm not particularly looking forward to our weekend in Turin. But it's necessary, so I'm happy to go.

In the meantime I'm getting excited about decorating. I found a really amazing blog and am hunting for more that give great inspiration, tips and tutorials on renovating, creating and DIYing furniture, accessories and anything else to do with decor, from wallpaper & stencils to photoframes and kitchen cabinets.

I need your help!

Do you know of a great site, blog or community that has similar things? It really doesn't matter about the style, it's the inspiration I'm looking for, because we'll be decorating and furnishing on a budget and I'd like to either make or revamp as many items as possible.

Even if you could leave me links to some pictures of fantastic rooms or furniture or corners of amazingness, I would be really grateful! It can be from your own house or room too, it doesn't have to be some fancy designer or well known blogger :)

During our moving/decorating project I'll be sure to ask you all for opinions and help and whatnot, as well as keeping you updated on the progress, so you'll be rewarded with pictures and thankyous all round :)

My brain is working overtime now, hehe. Be sure to have a wonderful weekend everyone xx


  1. Aww, lovely I hope you feel better soon =( It's shite being ill.
    In regards to design blogs etc. -

    Not sure about the last 2 as I just found them, but inspiration wise some of those sites are awesome imo. Too many links?..Sorry!

  2. Feel better! I'm not very good with design/decor, sorry :(


  3. I was also going to suggest apartmenttherapy.com I love their site. You could also try:

    www.yankodesign.com - I think this is more about stuff to put in your home. But it's still a pretty cool site.

    Hope you feel better. Being sick always sucks. Especially when you're trying to move.

    Oh, you've got packages (yes, plural cause I've been mildly retarded lately) coming your way. :)

  4. Thank you for your kind get well wishes. It's slowly getting better, but now I'm coughing like a walrus all the time :/

    Nicola, thank you for the links and I can NEVER have too many, hehe

    And Jen, thanks for the links too. Even sites with cool furnishings or home accessories are great because it all sparks ideas :)

  5. here are of my favs:


    but i also spend lots of time on websites like urban outfitters, anthropologie, etc to get ideas.

    and if you're looking for random pics of things, i actually collect a lot of pics and websites on my tumblr that i love--www.twisted-style.tumblr.com

  6. Oh! I completely forgot:


    Just do a search for apartment, decor or what have you. :)

  7. i'll just post links of art i like on etsy, how's that? :)

    http://www.etsy.com/shop/restlessthings (my faaaave is her "candid rear view")

    i'm currently writing back to your fabulous letter and i think the idea concerning your Mom is WONDERFUL!!!! just so you know. SERIOUSLY! xoxo