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Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Ok, an impromptu post to tell you a little about yesterday....

I got the call in the afternoon on my Italian cell phone. I knew it was about the job because I'd only given my number to them... I was nervous, really shaking, I was sure they were going to tell me that unfortunately I didn't have the job, but I was wrong! I jumped silently around the room as the firector talked to me and I'm going back into Milano on Monday to finalise everything and get my letter of intent to employ (so I can sort out all my documents here). My contract will start and be signed in September, but my training will probably be in June. I'm super excited, but also really nervous. Ack, I have such terrible confidence, I get nervous so easily!!!

Anyway, so the job is at a Reggio Preschool 'One to Three'. I went to the school in the centre of Milano and it's so nice! I love the Reggio approach to preschool education, it seems so creative and nurturing. I'll be a prechool teacher, which is a job I've wanted to do for some years now, but short of studying for an NVQ in the UK, I wasn't going to get the job there. I'm going to have a pretty nasty commute in the mornings, but it's totally worth it! I was made for this job :D

It's actually handy that I won't start until September, it means I can tie up all my loose ends in the UK, bring a bunch of stuff back to Italy with me (again) and try and pass my driving test there. The sad part is that I won't see my beloved for some two months and I likely won't be there during August which is when a bunch of people were planning to visit :( But it's really important I get my licence... unless I attempt to do it here?

Last night my beloved took me out to a really fabulous sea food restaurant and I quickly snapped this pic before we went. Don't mind the awful poses or the insane mess behind us, we were rushing out of the door to make our reservation!

Neither of us are used to drinking anymore and a bottle of wine between us took a lot of effort to drink. All we did when we got home was complain about our bulging stomachs and our wine induced headaches. That'll teach us ;)


  1. Congratulations on getting the job! It sounds like a great opportunity.