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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Our House.

Well, our flat really. I thought I'd show you what I can see from home, because, well, I spend most of my time here :)

I spend a lot of time sitting on the doorstep, with ample cushioning under my bum, because it gets stuffy in the flat and although we have two windows, we don't get a lot of light inside. So I tend to spend my morning on the step reading with tea or coffee, and I spend my afternoon there reading (between bike rides and supermarket trips).

Here is what I can see from the doorstep.

My bici ♥

And to my left, some washing.

And here is the view from the balcony.

To the left we have the pasticceria which faces into the town square and is next door to the church. Here you can see the church clock tower, complete with bells. And, just incase the bells aren't loud enough, you have the speakers underneath too. Seriously, the bells are annoying. Really annoying.

This is what the flat looked like before I tidied up. (Yeah, I know, it's tiny and dated)

It's just a studio, but we have a fiar bit of space and all the provisions one could need :)

Here is the view to the left of the front windows.

This is the main road that runs thorugh the town square and beyond.

And here is the view to the right.

You can see some police hanging out in front of the town hall and behind them is the town square. This place is tiny!

I think one day I'll give you all a tour of Cameri.
Don't worry it won't take long ;)


  1. It looks so nice there =) A lot different from London!

  2. It's a typical Italian town/village. It's pretty, but somewhat dull... very different from London ;)