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Monday, 12 April 2010


I'm really into dresses. Last summer I was into dresses too, but they had more of the sun dress vibe and I wore them exclusively with leggings. This year I'm feeling something a little more expensive, a little more detail, and I'm really into tights.

Every Sunday my mum buys an unmentionable newspaper for a) the crossword and b) the magazines inserts. I hate this fact, but I love their woman/fashion type magazine, it's always filled wiht gorgeous clothes with varying price tags from £12 shoes from Tesco to 'Price available upon request'. Here is my lastest wishlist from said magazine (which I wish to remain anonymous!)

The first dress I fell in love with is from next and at £48 it's great value for money.I never buy clothes from next for three reasons, their window display always seems a little sober for me; they are a little out of my price range (I have no income!) and the next near me is always full of women with prams. However, I would venture in just to try on this dress, it's gorgeous and would be a gret excuse to buy some shoes to go with it ;)

This is from Phase Eight £120. They have some amazingly beautiful dresses, I could buy so much from them! I fell for this one because of the pretty colour and the frou frou ruffles on th neck line, it really makes something of this otherwise simple dress.

This one I saw in the magazine some weeks ago and instantly wanted it, not just because it's beautiful and would really go with my colouring, but because it reminds me so much of an adorable dress I had when I was 5 and wore to my one and oly big childhood birthday party. I felt like a princess then and I'm sure I'd feel like one now if I slipped it on. This is again from Phase Eight, £89.

I used to have a problem with dresses and skirts. I come from a family with large thighs and bums, I'm slowly growing to love and dress for my genes, but I understand ladies with larger bottom havles may be wary of exposing this part of their bodies. However, I really believe anyone looks fabulous in a dress! It's all about trying things on and getting to know what looks right for your body. Oh and tights. Whack on a pair of tights and you instantly feel better about those legs. At least it works for me :)

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